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Why Does The Composite PVC Floor Have Chromatic Aberration?

- May 15, 2018 -

The color difference is sometimes found in the composite PVC floor, which is caused by the changes in external factors such as room temperature and humidity, as well as the subtle differences in the internal factors such as raw materials and molding processes. The main causes of chromatic aberration are internal factors.

1. raw materials

The composite PVC floor is made of polyvinyl chloride and copolymerization resin as the main raw material, with filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, coloring agent and other excipients hot pressed. The color and light transmittance of PVC and copolymers of different batches vary to a certain extent, so these materials used in the production process will affect the color of the PVC floor after the molding.

2. color film printing

The composite PVC floor is usually composed of "UV coating, PVC wear resistant layer, color film layer, plastic layer, glass fiber layer and bottom material layer". The printed fabric of color film layer mainly controls the surface feeling of the product, and the printed fabric will produce the different degree of color difference due to the printing process control and the subtle difference of printing ink. It is difficult to reach the absolute agreement. .

3. molding process

The difference of the temperature and extrusion pressure of the composite PVC floor will also result in the difference of color.

When a certain temperature is reached, the printing base film of the decorative layer and the ink film above are softened. At the same time, if the pressure (both shear force) of the decorative layer is reached to a certain extent, the printing base film and the ink film begin to flow with the shear force, because the thickness of the ink film is thinner and the flow range of the ink film is larger than the base film, causing the decoration layer to be exposed. Brush substrate, showing a whitening phenomenon, that is, produce color difference; similarly, when the pressure of the decorative layer reaches a certain temperature, it will also produce chromatic aberration.

environmental factor

In addition to these internal factors, in the process of material molding, even under the absolute standard process conditions, when the temperature and humidity of the environment change, the product will produce color difference due to the difference of visual angle.

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