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What Is The Suitable Place For PVC Flooring

- Mar 26, 2018 -

PVC flooring because of environmental protection, waterproof/moistureproof, anti-fouling and antibacterial, insect-resistant characteristics, in people's lives everywhere in the environment, according to the home users of the floor comfort requirements, Bo Sheng Building materials for the family roll products are very suitable for families with elderly children's family, The roll product is the use of ergonomic production of health flooring, surface and back have been antibacterial, moth-proofing treatment, with excellent impact resistance and wear resistance, can effectively reduce the foot and knee load up to 40%; is the first choice for the elderly, children and housewives of the decorative materials.


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  • PVC Floor Covering
  • Plastic Flooring
  • Tiles PVC
  • Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring 5mm
  • Vinyl Basketball Court Flooring

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