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What Is The Sports Flooring

- Dec 27, 2017 -

  Divided into indoor sports flooring and outdoor sports flooring. Indoor  sports flooring generally have professional sports wood flooring, PVC  plastic sports flooring, acrylic (polyurethane) sports flooring, rubber  flooring and so on. Generally multi-layer  structure by the laminated pressure, the general wear-resistant layer  (including UV treatment), glass fiber layer, flexible foam layer, the  grass-roots level.

sports flooring structure

  1.   sports floor by the TPU treatment of the surface, PVC wear layer, 1000D  glass fiber reinforced mesh and special mesh fiber reinforced layer and  PVC foam buffer layer.

  2. sports floor 100%  pure PVC wear-resistant layer, the thickness of 1.5mm, and anti-aging  and fastening technology processing, wear pressure, the service life of  up to 10 years.

  3.  sports flooring glass  fiber reinforced mesh and special fiberglass reinforced layer play a  stabilizing site size, extending the role of life, so that the floor  will never shrink, the performance is more stable, so that athletes play  a better level.

  4. sports floor closed PVC  foam cushioning material, such as cushion-type structure to provide  absolute safety, resilience and standard vibration absorption, vibration  absorption rate of 50%. (International Standard: DIN> 45%)

The scope of application

PVC  plastic sports flooring is widely used in a variety of sports venues,  such as badminton, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, basketball,  handball, indoor football competitions and training venues,  multi-purpose venues, all kinds of gymnasium, dance rooms, schools,  units unions Activity room, multi-purpose hall, amusement park, kindergarten, sporting goods store, office, hotel, hospital venues and so on. PVC  plastic sports flooring applications in recent years is very wide, the  Olympic Games and other international competitions are PVC plastic  sports flooring, we can see this floor is very broad market prospects.

PVC Sport Floor

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