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What Is The Misunderstanding Of PVC Sports Flooring

- May 22, 2018 -

     Flame retardant is not burnt. We know that PVC sports floors are generally fire-retardant, but some users in order to so-called "verify the floor is good or bad", take the lighter to the point of PVC floor, see can burn, burning is not fire, burning is not flame retardant.

      In fact, the state of the PVC floor fire level is required to meet the B1 level standards. According to the national standard non-flammable materials for fire protection A class, such as stone, brick and so on. B1-level flame retardant standard technology contains the diameter of the 10㎜ cotton ball, dipped in alcohol, placed on the PVC floor of natural combustion, cotton ball burned, measuring the burned PVC floor traces of the diameter, such as less than 50 ㎜, is the B1 level flame retardant standards.

Cannot simply be understood as burning without burning.

 Wear-resistant is not cut with a sharp object not broken

       Some users ask about the life of PVC flooring and wear resistance, easily take out a knife or key weapon, in the surface of the PVC floor to row, scratches on the thought that not wear.      In fact, the state of the PVC floor wear resistance test is not simply with a sharp weapon on the surface, is a flat round to hit the disc, in the case of pressure 1Kg grinding test floor, in the rotation of the number of rotary grinding, the floor surface wear-resistant layer is worn out of the base of the rotation. The rotating number of this node is a measure of the wear resistance of PVC flooring.

     For example, the number of composite flooring countries minimum standard of 1500 rpm.

Smell with the nose is not environmental protection More specifically, the PVC floor, which has a strong smell of irritation, is not environmentally friendly.      PVC material itself is not formaldehyde, PVC flooring in the production process is also not allowed to use formaldehyde, the qualified PVC floor should be 100% formaldehyde free, there may be aromatic agents and additives odor, will not cause harm to people's bodies, nor make people feel uncomfortable. At present, there are some companies on the market of PVC flooring Adhesive bonding method installed, because the glue contains formaldehyde release, so the floor is a pungent odor, will affect people's health.

Therefore, in the construction process to select High-quality qualified glue is also very important.

      Sports venues operation Believe that the above misunderstanding of the interpretation and correction, can allow more consumers to correctly understand the value of PVC sports floor! and PVC sports flooring, unique product performance and advantages, but also more for consumers to provide comfort and safety of the sole care!

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