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What Are The Reasons For The PVC Flooring, Blistering And Warping

- May 07, 2018 -

PVC floor in the process of pavement, we do not pay much attention to the emergence of blistering and warping, there are three main reasons:

Main cause

1. the construction technology is not appropriate;

2. adhesive selection error;

3. the problem of the material of the floor itself;

Now let's take a look at the specific reasons:

The main problem after the sheet floor is finished is the warping edge. When the construction was not timely, the glue missed the best opening time and lost the cohesive force, which caused the floor to stick firmly and warped. Of course, there are some objective factors, and there have been such a case: customers choose a sheet floor to decorate the office, but after the laying of the office, a large number of warping edges have appeared in a few days. It is very difficult to see and the repair is very difficult. After that, the local temperature has reached 20 degrees below zero, and the windows and doors have not been installed. . At the sight of this bad weather, there is no language at all. When the PVC floor is built, the temperature of the room is about 15-20 degrees centigrade, avoiding the high or too low temperature. The main focus of the PVC flooring is bubbling. When laying on the floor, the whole floor is covered with air. If it is not discharged in time, it will be difficult to repair. Adhesives are also on the one hand, the auxiliary glue is generally divided into two types, one is filler glue, the other is non - filling glue, the professional term is called pressure sensitive adhesive. The former is coated with less area, but the stickiness is excellent, and the latter is almost half of the former. Some businesses in order to save the cost of accessories, pressure sensitive adhesive directly to the coil flooring, the consequences can be imagined, blistering and warping is common.

Sometimes, due to the floor production process control and control is not strict, the floor is affected by thermal expansion and contraction effect, resulting in the floor size changes too large.

Therefore, good products, reliable installation teams and matching auxiliary materials can reduce the occurrence of quality problems to a certain extent. In order to better avoid these problems in the process of PVC flooring, we must not covet a temporary cheap!


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