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What Are The Keys To The PVC Floor Installation

- Apr 24, 2018 -

PVC floor construction is an important part of PVC flooring application. The quality of construction directly determines the late use of PVC floor.

In the construction of PVC flooring, we must master and implement the key points.

One, flat

The floor of paving PVC first requires the floor to be as smooth as possible. Because the PVC floor is the thickness of the surface of the thickness of the surface decoration materials, if the ground is uneven, the surface of the PVC floor will be uneven; in order to ensure that the PVC floor paving after the expected good visual experience, the ground must be treated smooth;


The ground base is dry. After the PVC flooring is laid on the ground, the water on the ground can not infiltrate through the PVC floor, and the water under the floor can not evaporate normally. If the ground foundation is not dry, the water vapor can not evaporate normally in hot weather. The vapor condenses below the PVC floor, causing the glue to fail and the floor bulging.

In the actual construction, there are often cases in which the construction of the foundation is not dry and hasty construction. In this kind of case, the later maintenance is often the large area relay treatment, resulting in the unnecessary loss of human resources and financial resources.

Third, hard

The essence of PVC floor is surface decoration material, and it has no bearing capacity. Therefore, the ground foundation must be hard to meet the daily normal use. At the same time, the foundation of the standard is not easy to occur ground sand, self leveling and warping, which is conducive to the long-term stable use of the PVC floor.

PVC floor construction is a professional, technical and highly advanced decoration construction, we solemnly suggest: it is necessary to invite professionals to meet the conditions of construction, under the premise of normal construction, avoid blind labor, bully construction and other phenomena!


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