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What Are The Characteristics Of PVC Sports Floor In Basketball Court?

- Mar 22, 2018 -

PVC Sports Floor, PVC sports floor is made of PVC wear-resistant layer, glass fiber reinforced layer and PVC foam buffer layer.

1, PVC sports floor is made of PVC wear-resistant layer, glass fiber reinforced layer and PVC foam buffer layer composition.

2, 100% pure PVC wear-resistant layer, through anti-aging and fastening technology treatment, wear and pressure, the service life of up to 15 years

3, glass fiber reinforced layer to stabilize the site size, prolong the function of life, so that the floor will never shrink, more stable performance, so that athletes play a better level.

4, closed PVC foam buffer layer materials such as air cushion structure, providing absolute security, resilience and standard vibration absorption, the absorption rate of 30%-50%.

5, PVC foam cushion bottom surface using "diamond"-like grain processing, reasonable weight in the field when the air discharged, forming a vacuum, more adhesion, in motion more stability.

6, comfortable and good PVC wear-resistant surface friction coefficient and special process design, so that the soles at all times close to the ground, non-slip and can be arbitrary transmission of strong power.

7, the surface of the site by special treatment, and lighting match the brightness, will not absorb light and reflective glare, to better protect the eyes of athletes, not easy to produce fatigue.

8, the humanized design combination, the unusual ground color feeling. Anti-slip, earthquake-proof for health sports bring reliable protection for professional athletes, ordinary fitness to provide excellent sports buffer protection, can minimize the athlete's injury.

9, movement characteristics and good floor surface of the human body engineering irregular circular texture arc edge design, to make the sliding coefficient the best value, so that athletes have a better ability to move, for starting, jumping, sliding, braking and so on various professional strenuous technical action to provide a very explosive elastic power structure.

10, the green environmental protection Heng Sheng Sports flooring with High-tech antibacterial function, with non-toxic, tasteless, green environmental protection, waterproof, non-slip, mildew and other characteristics, so that your activities more safe and healthy space.


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