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What Are The Characteristics Of PVC Sports Flooring

- Mar 12, 2018 -

1, green Environmental protection

Formal channels of products through the national Environmental Protection products Quality supervision, inspection Center, PVC Sports Flooring technical indicators are up to environmental standards, with High-tech antibacterial features non-toxic, tasteless, green environmental protection, waterproof, non-slip, mildew and other characteristics.

2. Good exercise

 PVC sports floor surface of the type of human body engineering irregular circular texture arc edge design, so that the sliding coefficient is the best value, so that athletes have a better ability to move, for starting, jumping, sliding, braking and other professional strenuous technical action to provide a very explosive force of the elastic power structure.

3, Paving simple

 PVC sports flooring can be installed according to the needs of users, and not limited by the size of the site, mobile is also more convenient.

4, Convenient cleaning

PVC surface to external pollution has the ability to repel, if the surface pollution, with a mop can be easily cleaned, the floor is too dirty can be used floor cleaning agent cleaning, easy maintenance and low cost.

5, the use of security

PVC Sports floor is divided into different layers, each layer has different functions, for the movement brought a reliable guarantee, can minimize the athlete's injury.


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