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What Are The Classification Of Anti-static Floor?

- Jun 28, 2018 -

Straight floor

Anti-static direct-laid flooring is generally divided into anti-static tiles, rubber flooring anti-static series, PVC anti-static floor and anti-static floor.

1, anti-static tiles

In the tile firing process, the anti-static powder is added for physical modification, so the anti-static performance is very stable, the resistance value is between 106 and 109 ohms, and the construction is convenient. The ordinary screeder can shop.

PVC surface white gray

PVC surface white gray

Adding aluminum foil or copper foil under the floor can better enhance the electrical conductivity.

2, PVC anti-static floor

The use of sheet (usually 600 × 600mm) or coil material is directly paved, the installation speed is fast (but requires a professional installer to install, otherwise there will be arching foam phenomenon), anti-static properties are more stable, but easy to aging The anti-fouling ability is slightly inferior.

3, anti-static floor

a. The antistatic effect is long-lasting, free from influences of time, temperature and humidity;

b. Use solvent-free advanced epoxy resin and high-quality curing agent.

c, smooth surface, beautiful, moisture, mirror effect;

d, corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, and oils, especially good alkali resistance;

e, wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, there is a certain degree of flexibility

Raised floor

Anti-static raised floor is generally divided according to different substrate and veneer materials. Base materials are steel base, aluminum base, compound base, particleboard base (wood base), calcium sulfate base, etc. Veneer materials are anti-static tiles, melamine (HPL), PVC and so on. In addition

Ceramic anti-static floor

There are anti-static plastic floor, OA network floor and so on. The following is a brief introduction of several types of floors commonly used in the market.

1, ceramic anti-static floor

The use of anti-static tiles as a surface layer, composite steel floor or cement particle board, surrounded by conductive rubber edge processing (the ceramic floor without plastic strips easy to fall away when bumping porcelain). It has the advantages of stable anti-static performance, environmental protection, fire protection, high wear resistance, high life (30 years of service life), high load (uniform load of 1200 kg/m2), waterproof, moisture resistance, and good decorative effect. Class room. The disadvantage is that the floor itself is heavier (a floor of 15kg or more), which has a certain influence on the load-bearing of the floor; in addition, professional installation workers are also required to install it, otherwise the installation will be uneven.

2, all steel anti-static floor

(non-standard type and national standard type)

The use of highly wear-resistant melamine HPL fireproof sheet or PVC as the surface layer (Northern area due to gas

All steel anti-static floor

When dry, it is not easy to use the HPL fireproof board veneer), the steel shell structure base material, in addition according to whether there is no black plastic strip and there is no edge and edge.

The advantages of the all-steel floor is that the construction is convenient, there is no gap problem after installation, and the replacement is convenient. The disadvantage is that the surface layer material is not wearable, the service life is short, and the skin angle is easy to change, and it will be replaced in a few years.

3, aluminum alloy anti-static floor

The product is made of high-quality cast aluminum. After being stretched and shaped, the surface layer is made of highly wear-resistant PVC or HPL veneer and electrically conductive adhesive. It has the effect that the substrate is not rusted and used repeatedly, thus effectively solving the composite floor. And all steel floor product defects, but tailor-made high-grade anti-static flooring, but its cost is too high.

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