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Vinyl ESD Flooring

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Vinyl ESD Flooring

(1) clean the ground: the original grassroots ground should be smooth,  no obvious rugged place with a blade to eradicate debris on the ground,  and clean.

(2) Positioning release: According to the flat size of the room and  equipment layout, according to the activities of the floor block  modulus, the laying of laying plans and reasonable laying method.
In  summary, the laying method is determined, to find, sleeve, sub-grid,  positioning pay-off work, that is, the need to sub-grid line standard  bullets on the ground, but also the elevation of the standard bullets in  the walls around in order to facilitate Construction operation control.

(3)  Install the fixed adjustable bracket and the beam: According to the  indoor wall around the four-point elevation control line drawn on the  grassroots level and the ground has been placed on the sub-grid position  adjustable bracket, and rack beams, with a small line and level Ruler to adjust the height of the whole room to contour. Each nut on the floor support should be tightened after leveling to form a networked rack.

(4)  Laying activities floor: Laying activities and adjust the level of  floor blocks to ensure that the four corners of the contact is tight,  close, the activities of the floor does not meet the module, the less  part of the actual size cut after the cut complement (when cutting the  floor to be fine) And with the appropriate adjustable bracket and beams.

(5)  Anti-static grounding: After the installation of movable floor  grounding connection should be carried out, its technical performance  should meet the design requirements and acceptance of construction.


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