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The Difference Between The PVC Floor And The Rubber Floor

- May 21, 2018 -

The appearance of rubber floor and PVC floor looks very similar, but their material and technology are different, and the range of use is also slightly different. Below is an introduction of the difference between these two floors and their differences.

The composition and production process are different:

The rubber floor is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. A homogeneous rubber floor is a floor based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber, with a uniform single or multi-layer structure of color and composition; a nonhomogeneous rubber floor is based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber, consisting of a wear-resistant layer and other compacting layers of different composition and or (or) design. The compacted layer contains the skeleton layer.

There are differences in color and color.

Rubber floor coloring is more difficult, because the rubber has a very strong color absorption, so most of the color of the rubber floor is relatively single; and the PVC floor is a lot of color, can be combined arbitrarily, can give designers more choice.

There are differences in market demand and wear resistance:

Rubber floor because of high price, only in some high-end places, the scope is relatively small; and the PVC floor because of its super high cost performance, so the application is very wide, the market potential is huge. In addition, the wearability of the rubber floor is stronger, and it is very suitable for the airport, the station and so on, as well as the traffic tools such as aircraft, train, subway, car, ship and so on.

There are differences in the difficulty of installation.

The PVC floor is light in weight and easy to install. The rubber floor is very heavy and the installation is more laborious. And the rubber floor installation method requires more strict, if the method does not appear bubbles, the demand for self leveling foundation is more perfect, otherwise it will exaggerate the defects of the base.

PVC floor and rubber floor are some public places, especially in sports places with more floor decoration materials, so some people will be easy to mix the two kinds of floor, but no matter from the composition, appearance and installation and other aspects of the two are different.

The above mentioned rubber floor and PVC floor applications are more and more, generally said rubber floor is generally used for insulation (power plant), anti skid (kitchen, guide blind bricks, and other places with large traffic (such as airport cinema), and PVC floors are generally used for business, preschool, school, home clothing, etc.!

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