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The Difference Between PVC Floor And Wooden Floor

- Jun 19, 2018 -

1. A variety of floor mats shall be set between the cement foundation and the floor during the laying of various wooden floors. There are no connection measures for the wooden floor and the base. As a result, an overhead layer is formed between the floor and the cement base. Many harmful bacteria grow here and move through the gap between the floors or between the floor and the wall and float in the indoor air. People inhale different degrees of damage to the human body. The PVC floor is a water-based and environmentally-friendly adhesive that integrates the PVC floor and the cement base layer as a whole. This prevents the growth of various types of bacteria and protects the health of the human body.

2. As we all know, wooden flooring is afraid of water. Once it enters the water, it will cause floor cracking and swelling. This is because the nature of wood floor is wood or sawdust, so as long as there is water or steam will cause the wood floor to expand, and PVC floor is produced using PVC as raw material, PVC is completely non-absorbent, such as PVC pipes, baby bottles, etc. Our common items, so PVC flooring even if it is soaked in water for 365 days will not change.

2. The PVC floor is free from any dust during installation, and the paving process is simple and fast, so as to avoid secondary pollution to the renovated house. The wooden floor and tiles are due to shear and generate large dust, and the laying is complicated. , produce varying degrees of pollution to the home.

3, PVC flooring is more suitable for geothermally warming the ground: At present, the vast majority of floors on the market such as 12-18mm thick solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, ordinary solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring with a thickness of more than 8mm are not suitable for ground heating radiation The system, otherwise it will affect the heat conduction or cause the floor deformation and the temperature increase will increase the release of methanol in the wood floor. PVC flooring is a floor specially designed for heating in the ground and is very popular in foreign countries. PVC floor heat conduction takes only a few minutes, even heat dissipation. There is no icy feeling of stone and tile, and barefoot is not afraid in winter.

4, PVC floor maintenance is more convenient: level commonly used water mop can be scrubbed, in case of stains, use an eraser or add a little detergent to clean.

5, PVC floor more environmentally friendly, health: PVC floor is completely free of formaldehyde, long-term heating without odor. General wood flooring contains formaldehyde only (how much the content of the problem), although the release of the amount to meet national standards, but because the higher the temperature, the greater the amount of formaldehyde released, in a relatively closed residential room plus other items like formaldehyde in the Daxinban Release, it may exceed the standard, causing harm to the human body.

PVC floor before the factory carried out anti-mildew anti-bacterial treatment, so the PVC floor also has anti-bacterial, anti-mildew function, the current hospital, kindergarten large-scale use of PVC flooring is mainly based on the advantages of PVC flooring.

6, PVC floor is more slippery: the surface is a high-density special structure, water-tight and watertight slippery, home paving can lift the safety concerns of the elderly and children. Its characteristics are incomparable to stone, tiles and so on.

7, PVC floor with super wear resistance: The degree of wear of the ground material, depending on the material and thickness of the surface wear layer, not just look at the total thickness of the floor. The surface of the PVC floor is covered with a 0.3-0.7mm thick polymer special material and has a high degree of wear resistance, which is the longest service life of any kind in its class. Comparing a thin layer of transparent film on a laminate wood floor or a layer of glaze on a ceramic tile is no less than that.

8, PVC flooring flexibility is better: a special elastic structure, impact resistance, and a suitable sense of the foot, to provide the highest guarantee for the daily life of the family.

9. The quality of PVC flooring is lighter: after construction, the weight is 10 times lighter than that of wood floor construction, 20 times lighter than tile construction, 25 times lighter than stone construction, and most suitable for buildings with more than three floors. Office building and other practical. Reduce the weight of the building and ensure safety.

10, PVC floor more convenient construction: the use of special water-based plastic or lock-type paving, construction is quick and easy. There are many kinds of products, such as rock, gravel, marble and wood grain, etc. It is free to mix, save time and effort, and is OK at one time.

11, PVC floor more fire retardant: PVC material itself is a fire retardant material, through the fire test, leaving the fire automatically extinguished, life safety protection.

12, PVC floor acid and mothproof, moisture-proof, not afraid of corrosion.

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