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The Advantages Of Children's PVC Floor

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Environmental protection - qualified PVC flooring is environmentally friendly and is internationally recognized as an environmentally friendly floor; 

Anti skid - the more astringent the water is, the more suitable for children's activity space. The place where PVC floor is laid is not easy to wrestle.

Waterproofing - PVC flooring after qualified pavement can be dragged with wet mop, but will not affect the use and safety. Because children's physical development is not yet mature, they may urinate to the ground at random, and there is no floor suitable for PVC.

Fireproof and flame retardant - the essential elements of building materials;

Safety -- PVC floor is elastic floor material with certain damping effect. Children like to skip and wrestle easily. This characteristic of PVC floor can play a certain protective role.

Sound absorption - the PVC floor is an elastic floor material with certain sound absorption effect. Children like skipping, fighting, etc. PVC floor can make children's activity space full of joy without too much noise.

Wear resistant composite structure of PVC floor has a layer of high strength pure PVC resin wear-resistant layer, with strong wear resistance and durability.

Interestingness -- the PVC floor printing layer of composite structure can use colorful cartoon patterns to make children's activity space more interesting.


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