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PVC Lock Floor Is The Most Suitable For Home PVC Floor

- May 10, 2018 -

The broad PVC floor is a wide variety of large families, including floor leather, household plastic flooring, commercial plastic flooring, PVC self adhesive flooring, PVC lock floor, and ordinary PVC sheet. In these classifications, the most suitable family paving is the lock flooring. Let's take a look at the reasons.

Excellent quality and environmental protection

In the production of PVC clasp floor, the technology of pressing and hot sticking is adopted in the production, without glue when paving, the release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde can be eliminated from the root of the floor. The structure of the latch flooring is very tight, and the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction can be neglected. It has a long service life.

Display high quality

The PVC catches the floor the flower membrane uses the high-definition printing technology, regardless of imitating wood grain, the stone grain or the carpet grain, all can achieve the color fidelity rate high, the pattern is exquisite. The size of the lock flooring and the wood floors, tiles and marble floors commonly accepted are also very close. After the surface of the floor, the overall working effect will become more upscale. From the effect of paving, it can completely show the warmth and beauty of the wooden floor; the plain and grade of the tile floor; and the atmosphere and luxury of the stone floor.

Simple paving

PVC lock floor in the process of paving, do not need to do a thick layer of cement mortar like tile, stone floor, nor do you need to play like a wooden floor, as long as the floor is flat, it can be directly paved. Each floor has a fastener, which can be firmly and tightly linked. As long as simple pavement tools are available in the pavement, there is a close seam between the floors after the pavement. A little water can't go down!

Maintenance minimalism

The surface of the PVC lock floor is the UV wear-resistant layer. The anti fouling performance is very good. The daily use will not be scraped, as well as the tile floor. It only needs broom and mop cleaning when there is dirt. In the process of using the PVC lock flooring, we should avoid the deliberate depiction of the knife.

Big price advantage

The price of the PVC lock floor has an obvious advantage over the solid wood floor, tile, and stone flooring, because it does not need to buy a lot of expensive wood like a solid wood floor in the process of production; it does not need a complex production process like a tile floor, nor does it need to purchase expensive stone as a stone floor. Complex processing technology.

PVC latch flooring has gained a high popularity rate abroad, but it is still a novelty in the home decoration market in China. Any new thing will always be questioned in the beginning, some will gradually disappear in the voice of question, and others will grow and grow in the question, and eventually lead a new trend. PVC lock floor is superior to the objective conditions of its own quality and low price, which conforms to the domestic market. The renewable green environmental resin is the main material, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection for the "green mountain is Jinshan Yinshan", which is advocated by the state and is expected by the Chinese people. We believe that with the concerted efforts of many plastic floor practitioners, the original layout of the floor in the home decoration market will eventually change.

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