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PVC Flooring Cleaning And Waxing Process

- May 11, 2018 -

Now many public floor is PVC floor, and waxing is a process of PVC floor cleaning maintenance.

PVC floor cleaning wax because of water vapor, dust bacteria erosion, or accidental scratch, wear, will make the PVC floor luster, cracking, or even bending deformation, in order to prevent the corrosion of various factors, repair, cover the original scratch on the floor, the maximum reduction of the outside of the scratch and wear, we should regularly wax it, special wax, special wax, special special The floor wax of the industry has a strong adhesion. After spraying, it will form a strong protective film on the surface of the floor. It is smooth and waterproof, and the adhesion of dust bacteria is low. It makes cleaning more convenient, and there is a special light effect, which makes the floor luster and more beautiful.

1, cleaning: the wax water and water are proportionately mixed into the solvent, and the solvent is poured into the water tank of the washing machine and rotates at a uniform speed by spraying the solution and the chassis grinding pad at the bottom of the machine to achieve a clean effect, so that the clean floor is clean and clean.

2. Water absorption: clean up the sewage on the ground with water aspirator.

3. Waxing: when the ground is dry, wax and mop liquid wax is evenly towed on the floor to make the floor bright and clean, and maintain good usage in the long term. When we wax, in order to make the wax water evenly selected by the telescopic rod and the hair to make the wax, in order to make the ground brighter, 2 or 3 layers of wax will be applied to the wax according to the need. When the wax is repeated, it must be second times before the wax is dried.


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