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Pvc Floor And Wall Color Matching Small Knowledge

- May 04, 2018 -

As the carrier and stage of home design, PVC floor, in design, especially the choice of color and style, can reflect the rich connotation, which is very important to add the overall beauty of home. Then, what are the factors that need to be considered for the color selection of PVC flooring?

The color of the living room determines the main tone of the whole house, the living room is also the main place for daily activities and guests. In the living room color matching, the light color system is usually chosen to make the main hue, to help the light scattering, to brighten the indoor light and not to be dazzling, the light color is the main tone, and the light color is not easy to go out of date and can be collocated. More color will not be abrupt, so the PVC floor should be transparent and soft, so as to create a clear and harmonious atmosphere.

The bedroom is the longest and most private place to stay at home. It is also the most important place for rest. The bedroom is suitable for the use of mild and bright colors, which helps to promote sleep and increase the quality of sleep. Therefore, PVC floor should be selected warm or neutral colors, giving people a quiet and comfortable feeling.

Secondly, lighting conditions also limit the choice of PVC floor color. The room with good lighting can be selected in a wide range of depth and depth. And the room with inadequate lighting should pay attention to choosing the floor with higher brightness and suitable color, and avoid using darker materials as far as possible.

Color affects visual effect directly, warm tone is expansion color and cold color is shrinkage color. The small area of the room suggests choosing dark colors to achieve an enlarged visual effect. If you choose a strong color warm floor, the space will become more narrow and increase the sense of depression. If the room size is large, it is advisable to use the PVC floor with darker and coarser texture to make the space relatively compact. The deep tone floor has strong appeal and expressive power and distinct personality characteristics.

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