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Pvc Floor Advantages

- Feb 24, 2018 -

pvc floor advantages:

1, pvc floor is a fashionable new floor decoration materials, has a strong decorative;
2, pvc floor installation is convenient and easy to maintain;
3, pvc floor is the only flooring materials can be recycled floor, environmental regeneration;
4,  pvc floor surface structure is dense, together with the high foam layer  foam floor feel comfortable, suitable for the elderly and children;
5, pvc floor with hot melt welding, small joints, seamless welding, beautiful and generous;
6, pvc floor with high elasticity and superb impact resistance, elastic recovery is also very good;
7, pvc floor surface is wear-resistant layer, to non-slip, and to B1-level fire;
8, pvc floor a wide range of applications, to antibacterial, waterproof, but also has a certain degree of thermal conductivity.

  • PVC Wood Flooring
  • Tiles PVC
  • Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring 5mm
  • PVC Sponge Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring Commercial
  • Black Vinyl Flooring

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