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Is The PVC Floor Thickness Related To The Quality Of The Floor?

- May 08, 2018 -

The thickness of the PVC floor is the concern of many consumers. Some people think that the thicker the thickness is, the better the quality of the PVC floor is, so that the first sentence of many consumers in the purchase of the floor is "how thick is this PVC floor?"

In fact, it is very inaccurate to identify the quality of PVC floor with simple thickness.

First of all, we need to emphasize that PVC floor thickness can not be used as the only index to purchase PVC floor.

The thickness of PVC floor is not necessarily related to its service life.

PVC floor in use, direct contact and wear structure layer is PVC Floor wear-resistant layer (detailed PVC structure introduction), common PVC Floor wear-resistant layer thickness in 0.2~0.5mm, and wear resistance layer is very strong wear resistance, even 0.1mm thick wear-resistant layer, under normal conditions, it is difficult to completely wear. Therefore, the life of the PVC flooring depends on the thickness of the wear-resistant layer, and the overall thickness of the floor is not very large.

The thickness of the PVC floor determines the feeling of use.

For the same structure material PVC floor (Note: the same foamed bottom or dense bottom), the thickness directly determines the use of the floor. The thicker the floor, the more flexible the ground will be, the softer it will be, and the more comfortable it will be to use your feet.

The thickness of the PVC floor depends on the requirements of the application.

As mentioned above, PVC floor determines the use of foot feeling, so in actual purchase, the choice of thick PVC floor needs to be decided according to the actual site requirements. For example, yoga rooms and dance rooms require soft ground and good elasticity, so you can choose a thicker PVC floor.

The PVC floor of composite structure is made up of multi-storey structures. It is very imprecise to evaluate the quality of products from the whole thickness alone. When purchasing PVC flooring, we need to consider comprehensively and select suitable floor products.

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