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How To Maintain The PVC Floor

- Mar 10, 2018 -

The purpose of cleaning and maintenance of PVC floor

The improvement of PVC floor appearance: dirt generated in daily use should be removed so that the elastic floor fully show its extraordinary appearance and natural gloss.

The protection of PVC floor: the elastic floor erosion from accidental chemicals, cigarette butts, traces of footprints, oil and water, the surface mechanical wear to a minimum, so that the durability of the floor itself into full play, so as to prolong the service life of the floor.

3 easy care: the surface structure of elastic floor itself closely and special treatment, pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, can make the floor more easily with care, prolong the service life.

Precautions for PVC floor care

One should promptly remove all kinds of dirt on the ground.

The absolute prohibition of PVC flooring soaked in Mingshui, although some ground water partition waterproof glue is used (such as floor drain, water room etc.), but the long time of being immersed in water, will seriously affect the service life of the floor. In the process of cleaning, the sewage is sucked dry in time.

3 for the stream of people more, wear big place should shorten the maintenance cycle, increase the number of times of high strength surface wax wax.

The PVC floor is absolutely forbidden to use hard, rough cleaning appliances (such as steel wire, 100 clean cloth, etc.), to prevent sharp objects collision elastic floor.

The place is strongly recommended against the Ottomans in high traffic public places entrance, to prevent dirt into the sand and smear scratch PVC floor.


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