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How To Distinguish The Good Or Bad Of The PVC Sports Floor

- Apr 10, 2018 -

With the popularity of national fitness, PVC sports floor has gradually entered various sports venues. Due to the good quality of PVC sports floor, the profit is not high, and now there is an endless stream of aquatic products on the market. Then how do we find the PVC floor with high quality and low price in the vast sea?


PVC plastic floor is made of polyvinyl chloride and selected non radioactive marble powder. In the production process, all the added components are completely non-toxic, radioactive, and do not contain any heavy metals. So close to the surface and smelling is no pungent taste. The smaller the taste, the better the quality.

2. press

 plastic floor is soft, the product structure added glass fiber reinforcement network and high strength polyester mesh strengthening layer, the use of cross weaving special technology, so the elasticity is very good. The moving floor has a good elastic recovery under the impact of the heavy objects, so it can greatly reduce the slippage of the personnel, and also have a strong resilience to the impact damage of the heavy objects, which will not cause damage.

Press your hands for a while, the elasticity is almost the same as the reverse side, the faster the springback, the better the quality.

3. with a light

The surface of the sports floor is treated with special treatment, which is consistent with the brightness of the lights. It doesn't absorb light and reflect the eyes. It can better protect the eyes of athletes and is not easy to produce fatigue.

We use light to see whether it is light or harsh.

4. fingernail shaving

The PVC plastic floor has a transparent and wear-resistant layer on the surface, and its wear resistance is more than 65000 revolutions.

Wiper with nails, if the surface is complete, the quality is excellent.

5. drops of water

PVC plastic floor does not absorb water, and it becomes astringent when it gets water, so it is skid proof and moistureproof.

When testing, we can drip several drops of water on the floor, rub it with hands, no slippery feeling, and the more astringent, the better.

6. cover your hands

PVC sports floor has good thermal insulation performance. If you cover it for a while, the sooner the heat will go, the worse it will be.

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