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How To Distinguish The Good Or Bad Of The PVC Floor

- Mar 19, 2018 -

Point one, look at the surface of the PVC floor.

The fuzzy texture, the color is not correct, not natural, poor sense of solid wood floor, not easy to fade, anti ultraviolet radiation, the floor is of low quality Liepin PVC floor.

Point two, look at the core material.

Those PVC flooring with rough core, dark color and easy corner breakage, the formaldehyde content exceeds the national top quality standard, and the floor comprehensive index is mostly unqualified, which belongs to the inferior product.

Point three, see the degree of PVC floor grinding.

With sandpaper polished floor surface with proper strength, few, low-quality counterfeit products are white marks, lower than the national standard requirements of wear.

Point four, see the stitching effect.

A packet of PVC floors was measured and three pieces were staggered. The problems of high and low and triangular seams and non straight edges are clearly visible, and such floors are inferior products.

Point five, look at the bottom of the PVC floor. The color is not consistent, rough texture, no brand words, large deformation, moistureproof, belongs to no class.


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