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How To Deal With The PVC Floor Is Soaked In Water Before?

- Apr 16, 2018 -

How to deal with the PVC floor is soaked in water before?

In life, you always pay attention to the floor when you don't pay attention to it. For example, when the rainstorm does not shut the windows, the water on the floor is not processed in time.

Generally, PVC floor is not afraid of water or water, but it will cause serious damage to PVC floor. How should we deal with PVC floor after water bubble?

Understand what are the consequences of floor water PVC

Influent and mouldy

Mold not need to say, mould not only affect the beauty of the floor, but also cause damage to the floor; and the floor water, infiltration into the floor under the water will make the floor glue loss of adhesive force, or the floor surface of the protection of wax layer to cause floor pollution, also possible sewage infiltration into the floor to cause discoloration of the floor.

The consequences of floor water so serious, how should we deal with it?

If the water is not big and the time is short, dry with a dry cloth. If the floor is flooded but not serious, it can dry the surface water first and dry it with the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer.

If the soaking area is large and the time is long, after the water is removed, the doors and windows are closed and the temperature of the room is lowered in order to dry the water of the floor.

Moldy caused by influent or indoor humid. Use mild bleaching agent to dilute with 1:3 in proportion. Note that bleach must be mild and low. Oh, too high concentration will cause the floor to fade.


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