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How To Clean PVC Flooring

- Mar 16, 2018 -

The cleaning method of PVC floor mainly has the following several different cleaning ways

Dry tow: Go out of the floor with dirt and dirt, use dry latter moist yarn, microfiber or other available dry mop.

Vacuum Cleaner: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up dirt and loose dirt on the floor.

This cleaning method can be used instead of a mop in areas where the operation is restricted.

Micro-Wet Drag: should first water or detergent will be slightly moist mop, the method is to use a dedicated cleaning winch will mop excess water extrusion, in addition to the mop can be sprayed with water or detergent. Be aware that there must be no water gathering on the floor. The floor must be dry within 15-20 seconds after wiping ends.

Remove Stains: The diluted neutral cleanser directly sprayed on the stain, and then white or red nylon cleaning pad brush until the stain removed, and finally wiped clean with water.

Multi-function Wiping machine: For cleaning the task is very heavy area, recommend the use of multi-functional wipe machine for cleaning, you can in a cleaning process to complete the floor scrubbing and sewage collection, you can use brush and cleaning pad to complete the cleaning work. Beige/Red cleaning pads are usually available. You can use different sizes of power-driven or battery-driven scrubbing machines, as well as a brush-wiping machine.


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