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Hospital Vinyl Flooring

- Jan 04, 2018 -


Now the hospital is required environmental protection, antibacterial, wear-resistant, easy to clean. Of  course there are price concessions, whether it is a new hospital or a  decoration of the hospital hope to save costs, reduce costs and achieve  environmental protection, antibacterial, wear-resistant effect. To this end, just hope that the hospital can lead the PVC industry to the forefront.

hospital Vinyl flooring is the world's building materials industry's most innovative high-tech shop floor materials. Are now widely used in foreign decoration projects. Since  its entry into the domestic market in the 1980s, it has been vigorously  promoted and is now widely used in industries such as commercial  buildings (offices, shopping malls, airports), education (schools,  libraries, stadiums), pharmaceuticals (pharmaceutical factories,  hospitals) and factories, Effect, the use of increasing.

Hospital Vinyl Flooring

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