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Hospital Flooring

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Hospital Flooring Construction quality often determines the level of maintenance, maintenance costs in the late use. Professional  construction team before the construction of the floor will be tested,  after passing inspection, grinding the ground after the vacuuming  treatment before construction. However, the construction  without professional training often neglects the construction details,  which makes the floor prone to curling and unevenness in the future,  which seriously affects the service life of the floor. Shi Shi completed 24 hours after it can be put into use. Different quality products in actual applications will reflect a clear difference. Taking  wear resistance as an example, excellent wear resistance reduces the  frequency of routine maintenance such as waxing and cleaning, and  reduces the maintenance cost in the cycle. Topcoat  polyurethane topcoat with water resistance, chemical resistance and  dimensional stability, coupled with a strong wear-resistant transparent  PVC cover, greatly simplifies the cycle of tedious maintenance steps,  ideal for use in large flow areas such as hospitals Claim.

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