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Comparison Of PVC Floor And Flax Floor

- Apr 08, 2018 -

PVC floor and linen floor belong to elastic floor, but there are differences.

The composition and production process are different: linen floor is made of a mixture of oxidized flaxseed oil, cork and wood flour, laminated onto jute backing. The PVC floor is made of PVC and its copolymerized resin as the main raw material, adding filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, colorant and other auxiliary materials on the sheet like continuous substrate by coating process or by calendering, extrusion or extrusion process. From this point of view, flax is made of pure natural flax raw material, while PVC floor adopts PVC material, but it is also a green environmental protection material.

There are differences in wear resistance and stability: Flax floor scratch resistance in general, flax floor hard and soft, this is why the thick linen floor mark resistance performance is not very good, compared to the PVC floor is better wear resistance. In addition, the size stability of linen floor is normal. Therefore, we must use very strong glue, and on the whole, the stability of flax floor is not as stable as that of PVC floor.

The linen floor needs to be maintained under natural light, the sample and the material will be different and yellow, and the flax floor has a poor resistance to the maintenance product (PH>7). The flax floor must use special maintenance products when it needs to be re polished and waxed. The flax floor is much harder than the PVC floor, but because the surface is porous, all the stains must be cleaned up quickly, otherwise the surface will leave the imprinted imprints and have to be re polished and waxed. Because it is not a thermoplastic material, it can not be recycled, ironing marks can be easily worn off, but for the deeper blanching, the PVC floor is much easier to wear than the flax floor.

The difference in the installation difficulty: the installation of floor is more difficult, if the indoor temperature is too low, flax floor will be broken. Because of its absorption properties and dimensional instability, the product must be installed quickly with strong glue. For example, in a day, an installation group can lay 80 to 100 PVC floor, or maybe only 60 floors of linen floor can be laid. Flax oil is not sensitive to temperature. It can not be welded with the same material, so it is not welding but "seam", so the flax floor can not be divided into E3 waterproofing, flax floor is not suitable for wet rooms or areas with clean requirements. Flax floors will smell strong and remain in the rooms installed.


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