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Badminton PVC Sports Floor

- Mar 20, 2018 -

The origin of the badminton movement said Japan, the first of which was Britain. The international badminton game floor is designated as PVC sports flooring, the color is green, because the antiskid performance and PVC sports flooring impact resistance properties are better than the other floors, and PVC sports flooring stain resistance, abrasion resistance, environmental protection and other floor incomparable, can slow down the joint impact of athletes, the athletes improve performance. So the PVC badminton special floor is better than the real wood badminton floor. So PVC sports floor is the best choice for middle and high quality badminton stadiums.

Badminton floor plate specifications handbook:

Single roll width: 1.42m/2.84

Volume length: 15m

Surface texture: litchi peels / other

Total thickness: 3.5mm/ others

Length of line length: 13.4mX6.1m

The floor length is wide: 15X7.1

Total floor area: 106.5 square meters


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