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Why to choose PVC for moving floor

- Mar 21, 2018 -

PVC Moving floor performance is more superior:

PVC sports floor and solid wood sports floor compared to have more superior performance, mainly reflected in the following aspects:


Generally speaking, sports floor comfort from high to low in turn: PVC Sports Floor-Acrylic (polyurethane) movement floor-rubber flooring-solid wood flooring. Visible, PVC sports floor comfort is the best!

Tremor--point tremor and regional tremor

Regional tremor refers to the floor by impact and deformation of the range, the greater the tremor range is more likely to cause fractures, solid wood movement floor tremor is a typical regional tremor. PVC moving floor because of the use of airtight honeycomb structure, its tremor range is small, belonging to the point tremor, the maximum protection of the athlete's body.


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