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Why the gym floor to choose PVC Flooring

- May 25, 2018 -

At present, as the market competition becomes more and more severe, the competition between the gym floor enterprises and enterprises has also risen to a white-hot stage of development. At the same time, along with this development trend is becoming more and more obvious, the market's fittest also and the enterprise to the resource utilization degree some inseparable relations.

Nowadays, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the combination utilization of resources. Gym Flooring Enterprises to the previous wood flooring to the present PVC sports floor, suspended flooring, composite flooring, experienced a replacement, has developed to mature stage. However, many people in the exercise after the knee pain, foot pain and other symptoms, this is because the gym floor of the damping effect is not good cause.

Good gym floor needs to possess super abrasion resistance, strong impact force, stable performance, good elasticity, green environmental protection, waterproof and non-slip characteristics. Lai Degree PVC sports floor is a sports floor specially developed for sports field, which is formed by multi-layer structure lamination, has wear-resistant layer (including UV treatment), glass fiber layer, elastic foaming layer, grass-roots, etc.

Has the following characteristics:

Safety and environmental protection

PVC Sports Flooring has no formaldehyde, non-toxic, green environmental protection

Anti-slip, fire-retardant resistance

PVC Sports Floor Fire retardant performance, Super Non-slip performance, to the user does not slip, feet feel very comfortable, the more the more water anti-skid.

Wear PVC Sports Flooring Unique wear-resistant layer, UV treatment layer, has a very strong wear-resistant properties

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