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Why the floor of the gym is PVC floor

- Apr 25, 2018 -

The gymnasium floor enterprise has developed to the PVC floor, the flooring floor and the compound floor for the previous wooden floor to the present, and has been developed to the mature stage. However, many people suffer from knee pain and foot pain after exercise. This is due to the poor damping effect of the gym floor. Good gym floor needs to be characterized by super abrasion resistance, strong impact resistance, stable performance, good elasticity, green environmental protection, waterproof and skid resistance.

Safety and environmental protection

PVC sports floor has formaldehyde, non-toxic, green environmental protection.

Anti slip, fire retardant and flame retardancy of PVC moving floor

PVC floor fire and flame retardant performance is excellent, super skid resistance, to the user without skid, feet feel very comfortable, the more water the more slippery.

Wear resistance of PVC moving floor

The unique wear resistant layer, UV treatment layer, has very strong wear resistance.


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