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Why PVC sports floors are becoming more and more popular

- Apr 12, 2018 -

1, the wide range of application: PVC sports floor can be customized according to the requirements of customer specific color, for almost all modern sports fields, gymnasiums, cultural activities center plastic site.

2, stability: the structure of PVC moving floor is added 1000D glass fiber reinforcement network and special mesh fabric fiber reinforced layer, which ensures the stability and firmness of this product in the process of movement, and has played an automatic reinforcing role.

3, firmness: the floor of the floor of the floor of the moving floor is used with a pattern, the reasonable weight can be spread out of the ground and the ground contact between the floor and the ground after the ground is spread out, forming a relative vacuum state, more adhesion, and more stable in motion.

4, comfort: whether indoor decoration or outdoor decoration, its main purpose is not more than two points, decorative effect and comfort, so modern all the decorative materials have to have the comfort of the features, PVC sports floor is no exception. The total thickness of PVC sports floor is 4.5mm, and the appropriate foam bottom is the buffer layer, which makes it more shock-absorbing and rebound.

5, durability and wear resistance: sports floor adopts 100% pure PVC high quality material, the surface layer is treated with special high environmental high technology material TPU technology, and has the best durability and wear resistance, thus increasing the service life of the floor.

6, easy maintenance: PVC sports floor has the ability to automatically exclude external pollution, cleaning and maintenance, only need water rinse, the key dirty detergent can be cleaned with neutral detergent.

7, noise reduction effect: PVC sports floor has good elasticity, can play an effective buffer effect, and the surface of the PVC floor is soft, so the noise reduction effect is very good.


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