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Why does the teaching place use the PVC floor?

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Since the PVC floor entered China, the teaching place (children's early education center, kindergarten, training center, school) has gradually developed into the main use group. The PVC floor is an ideal material for the ground decoration of the teaching place, aiming at the different areas and different functional needs of the school.

What is the favor of the PVC floor in the teaching place

The requirements of PVC floor to meet the teaching site are mainly embodied in the aspects of green environmental protection, rich color, safety protection, comfortable body sense, pollution resistant and skidding, simple maintenance and strong applicability.


Health selection, green environmental protection

The PVC floor of the teaching place, all of the food grade green environmental raw materials and additives, special technology guarantee, 100% non-toxic, no heavy metal, fully meet the needs of children and students for green environmental space.


Strong applicability, bright beauty and beauty

According to the different needs of children and young students' activities and sports, we can customize the various and colorful nursery floor and dance, library, sports places and other professional floors. The products are more applicable and practical, and adapt to the different design and use of various environments.


Somatosensory comfort, anti slip safety

The special surface layer and foamed plate structure make the floor with moderate friction, high safety and no worry about the hard contusion after falling. The cushioning and anti elasticity of the plate touch, the comfortable body feeling, safety shock absorption and rebound force, the pressure caused by the back, leg and ankle of the human body is greatly reduced, which conforms to the ergonomics. Requirement。


Sound resistant, wear-resistant and durable

The excellent sound absorption performance of the PVC floor makes the sound absorption effect reach 15dB, ensuring the quiet learning environment and activity space of the education system.

The design of super thick wear-resistant layer and super strong entrainment stable layer can fully meet the needs of the teaching activities of large activity. Under the general local point load pressure, such as table leg, chair wheel and so on, it does not produce breakage and permanent dent and so on. The quality of the special PVC floor guarantee for 8 years.


PUR treatment, pollution resistance and easy cleaning

For the learning and sports fields with large amount of activity, the surface of PVC especially increases the new UV processing layer, which has the special efficacy of antifouling, antibiosis, antistatic, non dust, surface easy cleaning and so on. The use of ordinary mop can achieve a new effect, greatly reducing the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance.

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