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What is the difference between the PVC floor and the ceramic tile

- Mar 14, 2018 -


The different composition and production process: the ceramic tile, with refractory metal oxidea metal oxide, through grinding, mixing, pressing, sintering process, glaze, and the formation of building materials or decoration of the corrosion resistance of ceramic or stone, known as the porcelain brick. The raw material from a mixture of clay, quartz sand and so on.

The performance and maintenance are different, non skid and texture tile is not cold, maintenance is also troublesome, very easy to get dirty.

The installation of difference: ceramic tile is very heavy, the installation is difficult, and the installation is very difficult to move, can not be reused. And the PVC floor is light and easy to install. It can be directly paved on the original ground without compressing space, so it is very suitable for the renovation of the old building.

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