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what is gym flooring

- Mar 23, 2018 -

The gym floor uses the solid wood floor, the compound floor, the rubber wood floor, the aggrandizement compound floor, the solid wood compound floor, the thin rug and so on. With the rise of PVC plastics industry in China,

The modern gymnasium uses the movement performance to be extremely good and the price reasonable PVC movement floor is the preferred floor plate.

Gym Floor Plate Specification:

Single Coil width: 1.5m

Volume Length: 35m

Surface textures: dots/Other

Total Thickness: 3mm/Other

Color: Gray/Other


  • Vinyl PVC Flooring
  • Allure Vinyl Flooring
  • Popular Vinyl Flooring
  • Bedroom Vinyl Flooring
  • Green Vinyl Flooring
  • Unusual Vinyl Flooring

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