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What are the PVC sports floor stain treatment methods?

- Jun 15, 2018 -

         The PVC sports floorhas certain anti-fouling ability because the surface layer of the system has a special structure. The PVC surface layer adds a layer of special high-tech TPU treatment to eliminate external pollution. For general stains, use a clean mop and clean water. For some difficult-to-remove stains, use a neutral detergent.

         In addition, the single-pores closed PVC bottom layer 554 lines are astringent, waterproof, anti-fog, and anti-bacterial. They have a barrier for self-protection, thereby enhancing the product's ability to self-discharge. PVC sports floor protection is the key, stain treatment is only afterwards, do a good job in the protection of the floor, and always remind the athletes to consciously abide by the venue regulations is the key.

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