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What advantages do PVC plastic sports floors compare with solid wood sports floors

- Apr 20, 2018 -


Generally speaking, the comfort of the sports floor from high to low in turn is: PVC plastic floor - acrylic (polyurethane) moving ground - rubber floor - solid wood floor. Visible, PVC plastic sports floor comfort is the best!

Tremor - point tremor and regional tremor

Regional tremor is the range that the floor is deformed by impact. The greater the range of the tremor, the more easily it causes fracture. The tremor of the solid wood moving floor is a typical regional tremor. PVC plastic sports floor because of the use of closed honeycomb structure, its tremor range is small, belonging to the point tremor, to maximize the protection of the athlete's body.

Price performance

PVC plastic floor has a higher price ratio, the real professional real wood sports floor is expensive. As the floor material is different and the structure is different, the price of the sports wood floor is also different. Generally, it can be roughly divided into three grades: high, medium and low. The high grade sports wood floor usually uses the North American maple wood solid wood as the floor floor floor, the price is about 1000 yuan per square meter; the middle grade sports wood floor generally uses the domestic maple wood solid wood as the floor floor price at 600 yuan / square meter; the low grade is the use of oak wood and other compound or strong floor as the floor floor price at 350 yuan / A square meter of square meters. Take a standard basketball court 800 square meters as an example, if the middle grade sports wood floor is selected, the total cost will be around 500 thousand yuan. So now, many users who want to use professional sports wood floor have finally chosen ordinary wooden floor, and the ordinary wooden floor structure is simple, it doesn't have the characteristics of moving floor (impact absorption, resonance absorption, friction coefficient, resilience, rolling compound and so on), which fundamentally increases the risk of athlete's injury. PVC plastic floor is no doubt a better choice for the majority of users. It also fundamentally solves the worries of the athletes. The domestic sports floor is more popular in the domestic market. The price is about 50~250 yuan per square meter. The quality of the imported brand sports floor is very good, but the price is very high, basically in 150 yuan / flat. Square meters above.

Maintenance and maintenance

The daily maintenance of the PVC plastic floor is more convenient and cheaper. The real wood floor needs professional maintenance and the maintenance cost is higher (for some floors, the cost of maintenance may be equivalent to the price of the floor for every year), and the surface of the PVC plastic floor is treated with wear resistant and antifouling. Wax can be cleaned and maintained by non professionals. Daily cleaning requires only wet wet mops.

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