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The obvious advantage of the PVC floor - convenient paving

- May 07, 2018 -

In the past a long time, tile, stone, wood series floor in the paving, grass-roots treatment is mostly cement mortar or dragon bone, and PVC floor construction often do cement self leveling, cement self leveling is still more strange to many people, and the current PVC floor professional construction team is scarce, cement self leveling is It's a mysterious veil! Therefore, the "PVC floor to the grassroots requirements too high" argument also spread like wildfire, but PVC floor to the grass-roots level is really high?

Self leveling is not so unfathomable

First of all, there are only two kinds of materials for self leveling during construction, namely, interfacial agents and self leveling cement. The concrete construction process is to clean the ground first and then evenly paint a layer of interface agent (the function is to close the original ground, so that the next self leveling energy and the ground are tightly glued together); then the self leveling cement and water are mixed evenly and poured on the ground to use its own liquidity and special tools. Leveling and discharging bubbles will eventually make the self leveling cement form a clean leveling floor with a thickness of about 2 millimeters.

So the cement self leveling is not mysterious! Because to do self leveling think that the PVC floor to the grass-roots level of high demand is a big deviation.

Secondly, not all PVC floors need self leveling in the process of paving. If the original level of clean and smooth surface has reached or near the effect of cement self leveling, there is no need to do it again! When the PVC floor is paved, the floor dealer and the construction team are advised to make the self leveling of the cement. This is because the physical conditions such as the water content and the smoothness of the self leveling are in good agreement with the requirements for the paving of the PVC floor; the overall elasticity and toughness of the ground will be better, the appearance of the floor and the appearance of the floor are better than that of the PVC floor. The use of life will play a great role!

The pavement is really simple

PVC rolling floor is generally 2 meters wide, 20-30 meters long, paving when the brush is finished, can be large area of rapid laying; PVC self adhesive floor and lock floor paving without glue, the pavement is less difficult, almost no "threshold"! If the paving area is small, you can easily handle it!

PVC floor is the most novel hi-tech paving material in the world building materials industry. Compared with other materials, it has a more prominent advantage in green environmental protection, waterproof and skidding, color classification, cutting and sewing, noise reduction and convenience. As long as Chinese people can correctly understand the advantages of PVC flooring, they will recognize it more. PVC floor as an ideal substitute for traditional timber, this trend is also irresistible.

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