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The construction process of PVC floor

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Construction process editing

Construction operation process of pvc floor

Grass-roots treatment - self leveling construction pre laying - PVC installation - joint welding - cleaning the scene.

(1) at the grass-roots level

1. After wall installation, ceiling and doors and windows are installed, clean up the floor litter.

2, remove the surface sand, oil pollution, residue and so on.

3, clean the ground dust and sand.

4. Clean the ground thoroughly and roll evenly over the interface agent.

(two), self leveling construction

1, check whether the cement self leveling is in line with the relevant technical standards, such as overdue self leveling shall not be used.

2. Pour the self levelling into the solvent, and dilute the product with the clean water according to the product instructions.

3. Stir until the cement flows into the flowing state.

4, the sequence will be leveled down on the construction ground, scraped and scraped with rake teeth, and the thickness is about 2-3mm.

5. No pedestrians and stacking items within 4 hours after completion of self leveling.


1, according to the design pattern, the size of the plastic floor, the size of the room, to divide the grid and to locate the elastic line.

2. The center crosses or diagonal lines should be ejected on the base, and the splinter line should be played.

3, play the edge line on the wall, the lines must be clear and accurate.

4, floor paving before the line dry platoon, pre assembly and plate numbering.

(four), pvc floor installation

1, first wipe the ground base with hair brush or dry towel, clean dust.

2, the ground level, to achieve the laying requirements, and then paste the toothed scraper evenly coated on the grass-roots surface, the plate from the direction of the order, one or a construction surface is paved with a roller or push plate pressure compaction.

3. After laying the boards, judge the dry cleanliness of the adhesive cleaners according to the temperature, then weld them.

4, before welding, two adjacent edges are cut into V - shaped grooves, welding rods are welded with the same electrode as welded plate, the temperature of hot air welding gun is adjusted to 180 degrees; - 250 degree; welding.

5. After the electrode is cooled, the blade will be smoothed and smoothed by the blade. The operation should pay attention to not damaging the floor.

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