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Tennis flooring Why Choose PVC Flooring

- Mar 22, 2018 -

Tennis was first originated in England. Because of the fierce degree of tennis to the floor wear resistance has a high demand, PVC sports flooring with good wear resistance and toughness, can be very good for the requirements of the floor of the athletes.

At the same time, PVC sports flooring has a good non-slip resistance, can be the athlete's competitive level has been greatly improved, and because of the good damping of PVC movement floor can protect the athlete's ankle joint, knee and so on, is the athlete in the experience sports fun while can very good protect oneself.

Tennis Floor Board Specifications:

Single Roll width 1.5m

Volume length 23.77m (in line)

Surface Texture: Litchi skin pattern/Other

Total Thickness: 3.5mm/Other

Color: sky blue/green Grass

Total length and width of site line: 23.77mx10.97m

Floor Length width: 36.6mx18.3m

Floor total area: 669.78㎡


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