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Sports floor care and maintenance

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Sports floor care and maintenance

Care  Notes: laidu visited PVC sports flooring users, found that many  users in the use of PVC sports flooring, as marble, tile use,  maintenance do not know how to maintain the floor, resulting in PVC  sports flooring damage, pollution And other issues. Han Cai related experts suggest that attention should be paid to the following questions

1, sand and gravel protection: PVC sports flooring should be used in  the room at the door, the hall entrance to place a sandstone protective  mat to prevent sand shoes into the room to scratch the floor surface;

2, item handling protection: When carrying items, especially when the  bottom of the metal sharp items, do not drag on the floor to prevent the  floor wounding;

3,  fireworks protection: Although the PVC sports floor fire rating for the  flame retardant level (B1 level) of the floor, does not mean that the  floor will not be burned by pyrotechnics, so people in the use of PVC  sports floor, do not burn the cigarette butts, mosquito coils, Live iron, high temperature metal items directly on the floor to prevent damage to the floor;

4, regular floor maintenance: PVC sports floor cleaning using a  neutral detergent, you can not use strong acid or alkali cleaner to  clean the floor, do regular cleaning and maintenance work;
a, routine maintenance: the use of a clean Jiucheng dry mop to clean the ground, to pollute the local cleaning;
b, month maintenance: clean the ground, local infrastructure damaged waxing on the ground. Wax floor once a month to deal with conservation as well;

5,  pollution treatment: PVC sports floor stains on the ink, food, greasy,  etc. should be rubbed dirt, and then scrub the traces of diluted  detergent, black leather shoes can not be removed when the residual can  be used to clean the veil stained pine scrub, not Rosin water will be poured on the floor clean, scrub to fill wax conservation;

6, matters needing attention: floor cleaning can not use the cleaning  ball, knife scraping, dirt can not be cleaned by conventional methods,  consult the relevant persons, do not mess with acetone, toluene, and  other chemicals.

7,  chemical protection: to avoid a lot of water for a long time stranded  in the floor surface, water for a long time soaking the floor may  infiltrate the floor to make the floor glue melted loss of adhesive  force may also make the floor surface protection wax caused by water  layering floor Pollution, may also penetrate into the interior of the sewage may cause discoloration and other floors;

8,  Sunshine Protection: Avoid strong light direct exposure, make the floor  put ultraviolet radiation to prevent the floor discoloration, fading.

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