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PVC moving floor waxing process

- May 17, 2018 -

1, the investigation site to clean the PVC sports floor from inside to outside.

2, first use multifunctional cleaning machine, dilute professional cleaning agent into the machine for cleaning.

3, cleaning from light pollution to heavy pollution or local key cleaning, after full cleaning.

4, suction machine suction sewage on the PVC clean floor after washing clean.

5. Wash with a multi-function washer and rinse once, and operate backward to make part of each operation line overlap.

6. While cleaning the PVC floor, use the suction machine to clean the finished floor.

7. Let the floor be completely dry for 10 to 20 minutes. Technicians should look at the quality of the floor to determine the number of layers of wax.

8. Smear the liquid wax evenly on the ground with a wax wiper

9, combine wax towing and towing. For dry and last time, wax should be smeared and smeared.

10, anti-static floor waxing to make the surface bright, forming protective film to achieve dustproof and antistatic effect. After the above procedure is completed, it can not trample in half an hour.

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