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PVC floor - small seams,easy to cut

- Apr 24, 2018 -

PVC floor is a kind of elastic floor, cutting up is very convenient; in the process of paving with special seam treatment technology, can realize the seam minimal or complete seamless paving effect; when the paving can also give full play to the designer's creativity, the color between various colors design, can also cut and splice. Very beautiful personalities!

Small seams, great benefits. PVC the advantages of the floor at the seams and the characteristics of easy cutting, so that it has a very unique advantage over other flooring.

1. is more antifouling and antiseptic

The seams of the PVC floor are smaller, and this is a big breakthrough compared with many other materials: making the floor seams smaller and more likely to create a clean and hygienic environment! The PVC floor has become the preferred floor in airports, stations, schools, kindergartens, offices and hospitals that require more antipollution and antibacterial properties.

2. increases the beauty of the ground

PVC sheet floor is popular in China with self adhesive floor and lock floor. The size of each piece is similar to that of wood floor. After regular construction, no seams are needed to handle. The seam is very small. It is difficult to see the seam in the far view. If you think a color will be single, you can choose both kinds of colors in the process of laying, because the seam is very small and the pavement effect will be very beautiful.

3. personality puzzle, full application of creativity

PVC plate floor specifications are generally 2-3 meters in width, length in 15-30 meters, compared to the sheet floor more soft, cutting up more convenient, between the joints through a special welding line for hot welding processing, can be fully seamless. In the actual process of paving, the design of coloring and spelling is easier to operate; the color pattern of the PVC floor itself is extremely rich. The creative space which can be played in the design of coloring and splicing is very large. The exquisite design of the mosaic is enough to make the ground become a art art, making the whole environment full of artistic gas. Interest!

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