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Maintenance and maintenance

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Maintenance and maintenance PVC Vinyl Flooring

First, The purpose of cleaning and maintenance

1. Improve the appearance: timely remove the dirt from the daily use, so that the floor fully displays its extraordinary appearance and natural gloss.

2. Protect floor: make the floor erosion protection against accidental chemicals, cigarette butts, traces of footprints, oil and water, the surface mechanical wear to a minimum, so the durability of the floor itself into full play, that to prolong the service life of the floor.

3. Convenient care: due to the tight surface structure and special treatment of elastic floor, daily cleaning and maintenance can make the floor easier to care and prolong the service life.

Second, Precautions for maintenance

1.Should remove the various dirt in time.

2.The floor soaked in water is absolutely prohibited, although some ground water partition waterproof glue is used (such as floor drain, water room etc.), but the long time of being immersed in water, will seriously affect the service life of the floor. In the process of cleaning, the sewage is sucked dry in time.

3. For the stream of people more, wear big place should shorten the maintenance cycle, increase the number of times of high strength surface wax wax.

4. The absolute prohibition of the use of hard, rough cleaning appliances (such as steel wire, 100 clean cloth, etc.), to prevent sharp objects collision elastic floor.

5. It is strongly recommended to place rubbing pads at the door to prevent dirt and griming from scratching the ground.

Third. Maintenance methods at different stages:

(1) the cleaning and maintenance of the floor after the floor is finished / before use

1. Clean the dust and sundries on the surface of the floor.

2. Wiping machine with 3M red disc or similar products at low speed (with strong cleaning agent cleaning 1: 20 diluted after wiping machine inside, remove wax, floor) to protect the surface of the oil, dust and other dirt, use water suction machine to dry sewage.

3. Wash and dry with clean water.

4. As required, the upper 1-2 layers of high strength wax.

Cleaning agent: strong general cleaning agent high strength face wax

Tools: grinding machine, water absorption machine, red wax, mop wringer

(2) daily cleaning and maintenance

1. Dust or vacuum cleaner. (the ground towing and dust agent is towed on the ground, and the dust is pushed after drying.)

2. Wet towing. (use the floor cleaning agent to dilute 1: 20 against the water and drag the floor with a half wet mop.) If you need it, you can also use a rubbing machine with wash & shine for low speed cleaning.

Cleaning agent: ground towing and dusting agent floor cleaning agent

Tool: dusty mop

(3) regular cleaning and maintenance

1. Dust or vacuum cleaner.

2. The floor cleaning polishing agent according to 1: 20 diluted in water, to mop the floor or with high-speed polishing machine for washing red disc.

3. Top 1-2 layers of high strength wax.

4. As required, it can be treated with a high speed polishing machine and a white polishing pad.

Cleaning agent: floor cleaning agent high strength surface wax

Tools: grinding machine red, white dust suction machine grinding wax mop wringer

(4) Complete refurbishment

1. Dust or vacuum cleaner.

2. Use a strong removing wax water 1: 10 diluted evenly on the ground, such as 5 - 10 minutes to clean, wax at low speed with a wiping machine with red disc. The water absorption machine is used in time to dry up the sewage.

3. Wash and dry with clean water until no residual cleaning agent is left on the ground.

4. As required, the upper 1-2 layers of high strength wax.

Cleaning agent: floor cleaning agent high strength surface wax

Tools: grinding machine, red and white dust, suction machine, grinding wax mop wringer

(5) Treatment of special fouling

1. Local oil: oil, aqueous degreasing agent solution poured directly on the towel wipe; a large area of oil, will be the only special water-based degreasing agent in 1:10 diluted with wiping machine with red disc cleaning speed.

2. black offset printing: with spray cleaning and maintenance wax with high speed polishing machine plus white polishing pad polishing treatment. For a long time black offset printing, a strong black offset remover can be cleaned directly on a towel.

3. glue or gum: use professional strong glue agent to pour on towel directly and wipe off.

Cleaning agent: water deoiling agent spray cleaning wax strong black offset printing agent strong glue removal agent.

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