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Is PVC flooring durable?

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Is PVC flooring durable? 

  Pvc floor  is a soft material floor, a variety of styles, construction methods and  convenient, greatly meet the different needs of decoration consumers,  for a variety of styles, is an environmentally friendly material. PVC  floor contains the powder composition, determines the superior pressure  resistance of the product, the added resin and the product has a  certain degree of softness, when subjected to heavy impact will not be  like tiles, stone crushed, so the resistance is very good . Wear  resistance is a matter of great concern to everyone. The surface of PVC  composite floor adopts UV wear-resisting coating. Through photochemical  reaction during use, the abrasion resistance of the product will  increase with the increase of using time. In addition, the wear layer on the printing layer is very hard, wear-resistant rotation are more than 30,000 revolutions. PVC  homogeneous lines throughout the floor up and down, high content of  stone powder, so Pvc floor is a permanent wear-resistant floor.

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