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Introduction to the advantages of PVC floor

- Apr 08, 2018 -

1, PVC floor waterproof and antiskid

It is made up of a special structure with high density. It has a simulation wood pattern appearance. It is not easy to skid when encountering water. The old people and children in the family can choose the floor with priority.

2, the flexibility of the PVC floor is good

Floor is made of elastic material, its impact is very strong, but also feel soft and comfortable. Besides, its thermal conductivity is very strong, and heat conduction only takes a few minutes to heat evenly. Even in winter, barefoot will not feel cold.

3, special wear resistance

The surface material of the flooring is 0.1-0.5mm thickness, high polymer special material and high abrasion resistance. It has the longest service life for the similar brand products. A thin transparent film on composite wood flooring or a glaze on ceramic tile is too much.

4, very light

After construction, the weight of the PVC floor and the weight of the wooden floor after construction are about 10 times lighter, and 20 times lighter than the weight of the tiles. This can reduce the weight of the building. It is safe and safe to carry, and it is also convenient to carry.

5, the construction is very convenient

No cement and sand are needed for construction, and no need for wood and soil. It only needs special glue paste, quick and easy. There are many kinds of products, such as lithograph, crushed stone, marble and wood grain, which are free to match, save time and labor.


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