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Indoor Plastic Flooring Advantages

- May 18, 2018 -

1, Green: PVC plastic flooring used by the main raw material is polyvinyl chloride, by the authority of the State Department of Detection does not contain any radioactive elements, but also green environmental protection of the new ground decoration materials. 

2, Ultra light ultra-thin: PVC Flooring (plastic flooring) only 2-3mm thickness, per square meter weight only 2-3kg, less than 10% of ordinary ground materials. In high-rise buildings for body building load-bearing and space savings, has unparalleled advantages.

At the same time in the renovation of the old building has a special advantage.

3, Super Wear-resistant: PVC Flooring (plastic flooring) surface has a special layer of high-tech processing of transparent wear-resistant layer, the number of wear-resistant turn up to 300000 turn.

4, high elasticity and Super impact: The latest research data show that in the space of large human flow paved with PVC plastic flooring, the rate of its personnel fell and injured compared to other floors decreased by nearly 70%.

5, Super strong non-slip: PVC plastic flooring surface wear-resistant layer has a special non-slip, and compared with ordinary ground materials, PVC flooring (plastic flooring) in the sticky water situation more astringent, more difficult to slip, that is, the more the more astringent water. 6, Fire retardant: PVC Plastic flooring fire indicators up to B1 level, B1 class that is, fire performance is very good, after the stone.

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