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How to maintain PVC flooring

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Maintenance Notes: Small series in the visit to PVC sports floor users, found that many users in the use of PVC sports floor, as marble, tile use, in the maintenance of knowledge of the floor to maintain, resulting in the damage of PVC movement floor, pollution and so on. Han Yai related expert tips should pay attention to the following issues

1, sand protection: should be in the use of PVC sports floor room doorway, the hall doorway to place a gravel cushion, to prevent the shoes will be sand and gravel into the room will be scratched the floor surface;

2, goods handling protection: In the handling of goods, especially the bottom of the metal sharp items, do not drag on the floor to prevent the floor to receive injury;

3, Fireworks protection: Although the PVC sports floor is fire level embarrassed burning grade (B1 level) of the floor, does not mean that the floor will not be burned by fireworks, so people in the use of PVC sports floor, do not burn cigarette butts, mosquito-repellent incense, electric irons, high-temperature metal items directly on the floor to prevent damage to the floor;

4, Regular floor maintenance: PVC Sports Flooring Clean use neutral detergent clean, can not use strong acid or strong alkali cleaning agent clean the ground, do a regular cleaning maintenance work;

A, daily maintenance: Use clean 90% dry mop to clean the ground, serious pollution to local cleaning;

B, Month maintenance: Ground cleaning, local foundation damage ground waxing treatment. General one-month floor waxing one treatment and maintenance for good;

5, pollution Treatment: PVC Sports floor stains on the ink, food, greasy and so should wipe away dirt, and then use diluted detergent scrub traces, residual black leather shoes printing can be difficult to clear when the veil stained with rosin water scrub, not to pour rosin water on the floor clean, scrub to repair after the wax;

6, note: Floor cleaning can not use clean ball, knife scraping, can not use the conventional method of cleaning dirt, consult the relevant people, do not use acetone, toluene, and other chemical drugs.

7, chemical protection: Avoid a large amount of water for a long time stranded in the floor surface, water for a long time soaking the floor, may penetrate the floor under the floor so that the glue melt lost adhesion, may also make the floor surface protection wax moisture layer caused the floor pollution, may also infiltration of sewage into the floor caused the floor discoloration, etc.

8, sunlight protection: avoid strong light direct irradiation, do a good job on the floor UV irradiation, to prevent the floor discoloration, fading.


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