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How to maintain and maintain the PVC floor

- May 04, 2018 -

PVC flooring is becoming more and more popular with consumers because of its excellent performance. And we can see traces of PVC flooring on many different occasions. Choosing PVC floor is a personal taste, but do you know how to maintain PVC floor? Today, I would like to share with you the maintenance and maintenance of PVC floor.

As we all know, the PVC floor has the advantages of antibacterial, high elasticity, wear-resistant and skid proof, waterproof and moistureproof, and convenient for construction. Scientific and reasonable cleaning and maintenance can not only keep the floor clean and tidy, but also improve the service life of the floor.

1. if the surface of the floor has dust or particles or impregnated material, please clean the floor in time so as not to cause damage to the surface of the floor, and bring unnecessary trouble.

2. if the surface of the floor is partially contaminated, you can use a neutral reagent for cleaning, and then scrub the surface with a wet cloth. Do not use a steel wire brush or other sharp brushes to scrub the floor so as not to damage the surface.

3. when you accidentally drop paint, solvent or medicine onto the floor, you should remove it in time. If you use acid or strong solvents, it may cause the dye area to expand or change color.

4. when you wash with more water dishcloth, pay special attention to the entry of waterproof drops from the stripe or connecting part, resulting in the phenomenon of the opening of the connecting part.

5. have waxed floor, do not use wet mop when cleaning, prevent sewage from attaching to the surface of wax and cause wax layer to rise. You can use the wet mop to clean the dust on the floor surface and partially pollute the heavier area to clean it.

6. if there is grease contamination, neutral agents can be used to clean up the floor.

Although the PVC floor has a certain degree of fire resistance, but the floor may also be burned, so when using the PVC floor, please avoid some heat conductive items directly on the surface of the PVC floor, so as to avoid the damage to the floor.

PVC floor, as a kind of flooring decoration material, is attracting more and more attention. At the same time, please do not neglect the routine maintenance of the floor. I hope that through some experience sharing, we can help more PVC floor users.

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