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How to distinguish quality of homogeneous PVC floorings

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Homogeneous PVC floor is the PVC floor which adds high abrasion materials in pure PVC. How to distinguish the quality of homogeneous PVC floor quality? We can learn from feature of homogeneous PVC floor.

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1. wear-resisting

Homogeneous floor is composited of PVC, filler and plasticizer, etc. It is not pure PVC material, by PVC and filler and plasticizer, etc. Is not pure PVC material. Abrasion test can easily distinguish the quality, more difficult abrasion, higher quality of the homogeneous vinyl floor. 

European standard, PVC floor wear grade from high to low is class T, P, M, F. Class T is almost zero abrasion. Our homogeneous floor for hospital grade is class T, which density is 2.75kg per square meters. The Gelflor density is 2.80kg per square meters. The lighter of floor, the pure pvc material is more, the wear-resisting is better. 

2. Eyes test

From the cross section of the floor to see the floor, if the materials of each interface are same, the quality is excellent. If the intermediate layer looks similar to the powder state, it is proved that the stone powder content is too high;

If there are holes in the middle layer, it proves that the floor is not dense enough;

In the winter, the floor is got good if it is broken after bending.

3. Whether floor has direction

Under the same grade and condition, the quality of the non directional floor is better than direction.

5. Surface treatment: PU, PUR

PU is the polyurethane surface treatment, as the floor is made of PVC, filler and plasticizer, its surface has pin hole that it is difficult. The surface polyurethane block pin holes to keep dirty objects penetrate into the floor. But if the surface wear off, PU treatment is disappeared as well. 

PUR is the deep processing with polyurethane. Polyurethane was put through to the whole structure of the floor. Even if the surface is wear off, the dirt is difficult to penetrate, this technique is widely used in the production of high-grade homogeneous core floor manufacturers. Our homogeneous PVC flooring use PUR treatment. 

The above method is to distinguish quality of homogeneous PVC floors. There are two other factors which effect the price of homogeneous PVC flooring as well. First, more colors is more expensive than three common colors. Second, the price of anti-static is higher than conventional.

After knowing the quality of homogeneous PVC floors, we should learn condition of its installation. PVC floor general require same roughness floor, temperature and humidity.  Homogeneous PVC floor installation also pays more attention to the temperature lower than 15 degree. Homogeneous PVC floor will become hard lower the temperature. It makes installation more difficultly. As homogeneous PVC floor structure doesn’t add fiber layer, so the expansion coefficient is 4 times more than the multilayer composite floor, around 0.4%.

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