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How to choose the color of the PVC floor?

- May 21, 2018 -

The floor is the bottom color of all kinds of decoration style. It forms the background of the whole decoration space with the wall and ceiling. The color of the floor is determined by the color of the whole. It also determines the style of the decoration. Ceiling and wall can be easily done through the ceiling, wallpaper, traditional stone floor, tile floor, wood floor and other colors are not high, it is difficult to meet all the decoration style, so the most ideal ground material or PVC floor. Today Laidu popularized the knowledge of how to select the color of PVC flooring.


Clear the style you want

Simple style and style style are suitable for white or light colored PVC floor; Chinese style can choose PVC floor with warm (such as yellow, deep red, etc.) in the wood grain series; the European style can choose the PVC floor or the imitation stone line of the carpet pattern; the Mediterranean style is the best choice for the cold color floor (such as the stone series PVC floor. ).


Selection according to space size

The same size has different visual sizes because of the different colors. The most intuitive examples, such as the same model car of the same brand, will look smaller than the white one. Room decoration is the same, if the space is relatively small to choose the light color floor, so the overall space will appear larger; if the space is larger, and want the whole to appear warm and compact, you can choose the dark floor.


According to the choice of furniture

Light color furniture and light color floor combination, will show a simple atmosphere style; with the dark color of the floor with the whole space can be neat, a sense of hierarchy. The collocation of dark furniture and light colored floors is similar to the coloring of light colored furniture and dark floor, but the collocation of dark and dark floors should be paid more attention to, if the two colors are too close will make people feel depressed.


Selection according to the user's age

If it is the place where the old people often go in and out, it is best to choose the warm and warm color, which can make the whole environment warm and comfortable. If it is the majority of children, we can choose a special cartoon series PVC floor. These floors are usually colorful and vivid, and can create a relaxed and cheerful environment.

Floor decoration has a classic Collocation: the wall is shallow, in the ground, the furniture is deep, that is, the color of the wall is very shallow, the color of the furniture is deep, and the color of the floor is the best.

PVC flooring has become the perfect choice for modern decoration because of its many colors, convenient pavement, comfortable environment and many other advantages. In decoration, floor decoration is an important part of the whole decoration. If the collocation is unreasonable, it will easily affect the mood of the users. Only according to the master's aesthetic point of view and aesthetic taste, combined with the comprehensive consideration of the room environment, can we choose the most suitable PVC floor.

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